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BS Calendar / Patro / पात्रो

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BsCalendar (aBsCalendar-5-2-7-release.apk) is a Nepali calendar in Bikram Sambat (विक्रम सम्वत). It displays Nepali calendar (नेपाली पात्रो) for 1970 BS to 2100 BS. You can select any BS year using "Year" and "Month" pop-down component there, which is equivalent to converting BS date to AD. There is a provision to select script either “English" or "Nepali".
To convert AD date to BS date, you can use "AD to BS" button.
If the above pop-down components / button are not visible (e.g. in Tablet or if the screen is in horizontal display mode) one can use mobile set’s /tablet’s menu button to make its menu visible.

Product Features:
• Displays Current Nepali Month (along with AD date) as Calendar
• Displays any selected month's calendar for BS year 1970 to 2100 (facilitates BS date to AD date conversion)
• Converts AD date to BS date for 1913.4.13 AD to 2044.3.31 AD
• Simple to use, very small size and occupies very less storage space

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