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Abundance as depicted by many would imply plentiful or wealth and
Spirituality would imply to live in the spirit or to be inclined toward a
religious mental attitude toward life. What my observance has been
that most individuals when on a spiritual journey shun abundance.
They believe that to be blessed with abundance would block their
spiritual advancement. I for one totally take issue with this concept.
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Other people might have their own belief and you're most welcome to
state it. Extravagant desire for wealth and things which you can't have
leads to misery I concur.

Extravagant hoarding of money or the pursuit of money alone and not
of enjoying it or the simple things in life too leads to sickness and
depression. Latterly I had a deeply spiritual individual state that she
doesn't want any cash, which I thought according to the law of
attraction was that of a horrible mental attitude toward life.

To deny abundance in your life is to block off all avenues of
advancement. And this got me thinking of this subject on when to
draw a line on spirituality or how to strike a balance with the 2 areas
in your life. How do we recognize our assigned role in life or in this
world, what if our role was to bring in cash in order to do good with it
for other people, like the role of a philanthropist?.

If all the individuals in the world ostracize abundance from their life
to go after spirituality who'd feed the hungry and heal the ill? I know
a few of you might think this is conflicting to making life simple.
abundance is part of our life. we require abundance in our lives ( it's
in giving that we receive ...) however don't give only with the aim of
getting alone however to make another's life better.

However don't be so unattached as to ostracize fortune when it raps
on your door. Even if it might not do you any good or you might not
have the desire for it as you've developed to higher levels of
spirituality, still there exists a lot of deserving, suffering humans who
require your assistance.

To whom you are able to donate what you might not need. It's the
healthy balance of the 2 areas in your life which leads to real
happiness; in my opinion they're like the 2 parallel lines of a railroad

In order for the train known as life to run swimmingly we need both
lines intact and parallel and thus life would reach excellent heights.
It's our duty toward ourselves to live a great life, not to wish for lack. I
don't believe in quantity however

I'm a solid believer in quality. So I choose a short however a
spiritually rich life filled with great health, abundance and service
toward other people. This reminds me of the prayer, "Lord give me

the strength to change things which I can and the courage to accept
the things which I cannot change and the intelligence to know the
difference.- I can change myself however I can't change other people
in knowing so I rest my case.

Firstly, let me explain that we're not discussing religion in this book;
yet we all have our spiritual side. We care about one another; we care
about our loved ones, our society, our community, and our Earth.
We're all connected in a lot of ways. That's pretty dang spiritual. We
have a particular responsibility to our loved ones, our society, our
community, and our Earth.

As we continue on this path toward that rapturous living, we have a
lot of ways to connect with one another and help one another. That's
part of the spiritual life-style; many things and individuals will cross
your path in the hunt for spiritual abundance. There are no
coincidences and no chance events; everything occurs for a reason.
Everybody has a purpose on this earth, whether you know it or not,
trust it or not. Learning to seek that reason is part of the spirituality

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