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Skeletal Anatomy Game

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Skeletal Anatomy Game Application is one of the Human Anatomy Game applications that help you learn medical terms, human skeletal system with locations and functions. This application is both educative and enjoyful.

Firstly, you will see flash cards on which skeletal system diagrams are. When playing these games, try to remember skeletal anatomy flash cards you have seen. Also, you see functions of the skeletal system, so you can easily learn. After flash cards shown at short notice, start to play this great skeletal anatomy game.

With this skeletal system quiz, test yourself and see how much you know about skeletal system facts. Try to find asked bones as soon as possible. The asked bone turns red as time goes on.

If you get %50 success, you can play the next level, scan level. Now, you see the skeletal system covered with skin. Try to find the bones under skin.

There is also skeletal system for kids. People of all ages can play this puzzle-like game.

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