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Panchatantra Malayalam 1 free

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The Panchatantra, India's most loved folktales are a treasure trove of wit and wisdom. Kids will love this collection of animated animal fables. Each story has a moral and nuggets of wisdom for the little ones. This is a free version of our Panchatantra Malayalam collection. Full version contain ten stories and are brought to you by Dove Multimedia as a part of it's Pebbles series.
The animated children's stories are
1. Neela Kurukkan - The Blue Jackal
2. Nanniyulla Keeri - The Grateful Mongoose (Full version only)
3. Moonnu Meenukal - Three Fishes (Full version only)
4. Buddhishaliyaya Pravu - The Clever Dove (Full version only)
5. Aamayum Randu Tharavukalum - The Tortoise and two Ducks (Full version only)
6. Kuranganaum Muthalayum - The Monkey and the Crocodile (Full version only)
7. Buddhishaliyaya Muyal - The Clever Rabbit (Full version only)
8. Naalu Suhrithukkal - Four Friends (Full version only)
9. Kakkayum Pambum - The Crow and the Snake (Full version only)
10. Manoharamaya Thoni - The Beautiful Canoe (Full version only)

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