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Dinosaurs for Toddlers FREE

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★ Dinosaurs for Toddlers FREE ★
The dinosaurs inhabited the Earth.... many many millions of years ago.
Using fossil evidence paleontologists have identified over 500 genera and more than 1,000 different species of dinosaurs.
They lived on land but a few of them were feathered and could even fly.
There were dinosaurs with either two feet or four, feeding as either plant eaters or meat eaters. As such, there was an enormous variety of dinosaurs in existence.
They ranged from tiny to enormously large creatures, like the famous T-Rex.
Most of them died out 65 million years ago, with a meteor strike assumed to be the direct cause.
Some of the species survived to the present day and our birds may be descendants of the original dinosaurs from far in the past.
The game we will teach your chil the names and the history of the dinosaurs. Let's your kids enjoy in the fanstastic world of Dinosaurs for Toddlers.
Dinosaurs for Toddlers FREE 3 original and enjoyable memory games. 3 difficulty levels make Memo the best way to improve your child’s observation.
Memory and concentration skills are needed for this exciting picture search game. Who will be first to find the card with the matching picture? Small children are often best at this game, thanks to their excellent visual memory.
The memory game is played with 12-20-30 pairs of funny pictures drawn.

Object of the Dinosaurs for Toddlers FREE in english:
On each card there is a picture of a dinosaur. Two cards with the same dinosaur make a pair.
The child have to try to guess all the identical pairs of dinosaurs.
So now we wish you lots of fun as you search for your picture pairs and discover all the different dinosaurs.

IMPORTANT: Ideal for kids one, two, three, four, five, six year old (1,2,3,4,5,6 year old)

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