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This app can calculate the shape calculated lengths of the sides and gravity point and the area, such as angle and diagonal of a polygon drawn freely, circle, arc.

To create a shape at the intuitive control, drag and numeric keypad, Cross Keys, a stepper.
Can be the length of the side-angle, area, and centroid points are displayed dynamically, work while checking the angle of the diagonal and any point on the screen.

You can be scaled while keep the ratio of the total number to specify the one side.

Polygonal shape of the intersection angle can be measured by tapping 3 points in turn.

Preset until decagon regular polygon from the triangle.

Can be changed in your favorite background color and shape.

You can also be synchronized with the figure to import a picture to the background.

It is also useful for creating digital content is displayed coordinate X · Y.

Please use it in construction sites and craft and more.

※ Depending on the length of the sides and the angle mark is not put in the position of the specified pixel input, there is a case the number is slightly offset.

Difference between the PRO version.
- Display of advertising.
- Can't save shapes data.
- Watermark appears on the image you exported.

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