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I Stretch (FEOSH)

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The Department of Energy(DOE)Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health (FEOSH) supports and encourages employees to participate in regular stretching exercises as part of its safety program. Stretching each day can be a very positive experience. There are many reasons to spend a bit of time each day to stretch. Stretching has been proven to help with concentration, productivity, and overall mood. Stretching has also been shown to promote circulation. Stretching increases blood supply to the muscles and joints which allow for greater nutrient transportation and improves the circulation of blood through the entire body.

When at the work place, many people complain of lower back pain. It has been shown that stretching for a small period of time while at work can decrease the risk of low-back pain. Flexibility in the hamstrings, hip-flexors, and muscles attached to the pelvis relieves stress on the lumbar spine which in turn reduces the risk of all low-back pain.

This application provides easy-to-follow directions to 29 simple stretches. The stretches require no special materials or equipment, so they can be performed just about anywhere - even at your desk.

Download this App and begin to enjoy the benefits of stretching every day.

More benefits of stretching can be found at

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