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Phonics and HandWriting

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Phonics and Handwriting app provides FLASHCARDS, PHONICS, HANDWRITING PAD and SPELLING TESTS for more than 750 words divided into 13 categories. Each category is subdivided into many lists. Each list contains words grouped based on their families. For example List 1 in Words with short a sounds has the words lab, dab, nab, jab, tab. HANDWRITING:
TRACE THE WORD AS THE LETTERS IN IT ARE DISPLAYED How good it will be if the child can trace as the word is spelled out!!! Well in this app kids can trace when each word is displayed and spelled out by the letters in it and also by the phonetic sounds. For example: When the word lab is shown on the board, letters l, a and b are displayed one after the other with alphabetical sounds and also phonetic sounds. Each letter will be shown the way to trace it in an animated way. This feature would surely help kids with special needs.
All the words are assorted into word families. Each word will be heard in the phonetic way. SPELLING TESTS:
SPELLING TESTS FOR ALL THE WORDS IN ALL CATEGORIES Easy spelling tests for little kids who just learned those words. Spelling tests are for all the words in each list in each category. To make it easier, kids can get a hint for the spelling of the word. Phonetic sounds of all the letters in that word can be heard to figure out the spelling. These 750 words are divided into 13 categories - Words with short a sounds
- Words with short e sounds
- Words with short i sounds
- Words with short o sounds
- Words with short u sounds
- Words with Long a sounds
- Words with Long i sounds
- Words with Long o sounds
- Words with Long u sounds
- Words with Diagraphs
- Words with Blends and Short vowel sounds
- Words with Blends and Long vowel sounds
- Dolch words

Cool features: - Trace each letter in each word using the animation prompt - More than 750 words in 13 categories - Phonetic spelling of each word - Word family phonics - Pronunciation of each word - Easy to do Spelling tests to remember the spellings - Progress report for the Spelling Tests

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