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Autism & PDD Yes/No Lite

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Buddy Bear products have a devoted following of speech-language pathologists and early childhood specialists. The research-based learning format helps children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities develop early communication skills with these techniques:
•simple, predictable language
•uncluttered illustrations
•engaging, reassuring audio narration
•rewarding animation and sound effects
•open-ended responses

This app teaches yes/no questions and develops joint attention, reciprocity, and early language skills. Each answer screen has two Buddy Bears—one is nodding “yes” and the other is shaking his head “no.” Children touch the Buddy Bear who answers the question correctly.

These themed stories are included:
•Buddy Bear at the Beach—e.g., “Buddy Bear is at the beach. He brought something to wear. Is it pants?”
•Buddy Bear at the Grocery Store—“Buddy Bear is at the grocery store. He is buying fruit. Is it an apple?”
•Buddy Bear at Home—"Buddy Bear is at home. He wants something shiny. Is it a ring?”
•Buddy Bear at the Park—“Buddy Bear is at the park. He sees something pretty. Is it a butterfly?”
•Buddy Bear at School—“Buddy Bear is at school. He has something to read. Is it a newspaper?”

Once you start the app, tap on one of the five stories. Back, forward, and repeat arrows provide easy screen navigation. Correct responses are reinforced with a friendly “Good job!”
Although the information on the left states that this app is available in all languages, it is only presented in English.

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