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Rhythm for Piano

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Kathy’s Piano is proud to offer the second installment in the series of mobile apps for piano. The app is called “Rhythm for Piano” and adds to the student's musical education by teaching the heartbeat of music, which is rhythm. This app is valuable for any beginning student who would like to gain an understanding of how rhythm works in music. This app also helps parents and teachers in training their children and students by engaging in rhythm related games and activities.

-Notes and Rests
-Note values
-Time Signatures
-Rhythm Patterns
-Ear Training
-Practice log

Time Signatures: Time Signatures indicate what kind of feel the beat of the musical piece has. Students learn about 5 common Time Signatures… 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 and 3/8. There are many exercises to understand the beats, note values and time signatures.

a.Math in Rhythm
b.What Time Signature?
c.Adding Notes

Rhythm Patterns: This entire section is focused on training a student in understanding rhythmic patterns. In this section different patterns of notes based on the time signature are shown on the staff.

In the practice mode students listen to the patterns. There is a choice of 60 BPM and 120 BPM to differentiate between slow tempo and fast tempo.

In the test mode students should click on the interactive piano key to generate the rhythmic pattern shown on the staff. Accuracy percentages and scores are given based on how accurate the rhythm is maintained.

Ear Training: In this section, students can practice identifying all 5 time signatures and also choose the time signatures for some melodic examples. In the time signature ear training, students listen to notes played in rhythm corresponding to the time signature. They have to choose the correct set of notes from 4 different choices.

Melodic ear training is about understanding rhythm in real music. Students listen to musical pieces and should figure what time signature that music piece is played in.

Practice log: Practice makes perfect! Don’t all piano students want to log or record the amount of time they practice everyday? They can do it now with this feature.
Start the timer to record your practice time, place your device on your piano/keyboard, and start practicing.
Start Metronome if you want to.
Once you are done, stop the timer. Your practice time adds up every time you practice.
You can keep log of your practice time for the previous 6 months.

-Rhythm accuracy test
-Ear training
-Math in Rhythm
-Practice log
-Report Card
-Game center

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