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Newborn birth baby games

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Hi, difficult situations are unpredictable and always make us see what skills we have. We can easily check reflexes when you need to solve a complicated situation. Today we have a problem, our friend Julia is going to give birth and her husband George rushes to come up with an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She is unwell and therefore ambulance will have to rush.
After arriving at the hospital she is stabilized but she needs a good doctor and the doctor in charge of Julia is now in surgery. Do you think you can play a good doctor? If you think you're ready for your first patient then we wish you success and we hope that everything will be perfect.
This kids game will help you to prove to everyone that you are a very responsible child.
Please follow all instructions in this game for girls.

1) Julia call him her husband to ask him to call an ambulance because she prepares to give birth;
2) After arriving at the hospital she is led into a room for pregnant women;
3) Now she has to sit in bed;
4) Give her a glass of juice;
5) You need to consult her;
6) Check her blood pressure;
7) Make an ultrasound to check the status of the child;
8) Now you have to give her a painkiller to be able to relax;
9) The child was born and is healthy;
10) Please weigh and measure the child;
11) Place the baby on a bed;
12) Now you need to take care of the baby and give her everything she need;
13) Mother and baby feel good and everything is due to a good friend.

Thank you for everything you did, if you want to help us, please come back every day through this game for kids.

Have fun!

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