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Musical Games

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Games with the Cheerful Company.
A collection of games acquaints children with musical instruments and a Russian folk song. .

Parrot Prosha loves classical music and is an expert in musical instruments and Varya is fond of Russian folk songs. The friends are eager to share their knowledge with children. Little garners will get acquainted with musical instruments and learn a folk song.

Description of the games
1. Introduction
Prosha acquaints children with musical instruments. If you select a picture of a musical instrument, you can find out its name and how it sounds.
2. Memories
In the game you need to find a pair: a musical instrument and its name. The name is pronounced, so the game can be played by children, who can’t read.
3. Find the instrument
You need to listen to the melody and find the correspondent musical instrument.
4. Listen to a song
Varya offers to listen to the song «White snow on thin ice». The song is performed by the vocal band «White day».
5. Learn the words of the song
Varya says the words of the verse, and a small gamers need to select the picture that corresponds to them.
6. Set pictures in the order
You need to put pictures in right order and then sing a song along to Cheerful Company.

The characteristics of the games:

• Bright pictures
• Attractive animated heroes
• Voiced by professional actors
• The song in the performance of vocal band «White day»

For children from 3 to 6 years.
Key words:
children, preschool, educational game, educational game for kids, music, musical instruments, Russian folk song, memory, attention, cheerful company.

For tablets with screens from 7" (Android 3.0 and above)

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