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Tea Party

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Tea Party with a Сheerful Сompany.

A collection of games, developing speech skills and increasing vocabulary. Varya invites her friends to the traditional Russian tea party. In Russian. Good for children training in Russian language
Description of the games:

1. Lay the table
Varya proposes to lay the table. She recites a poem-riddle and you need to find the object and drag it on the tea-table.
2. Memories
You need to find pairs: a subject use for tea-party and its name. The names are voiced, so children, who can’t read can play the game.
3. Clean up at the tea table
A tea-table is piled by all sorts of objects. You need to remove all objects that are not related to tea drinking.
4. Set glass jars
You need to set glass jars in a row: from the widest to the most narrowest, from the highest to the lowest, etc.
5. Gather berries
You need to help Varya to gather berries for jam. Varya names the berry and you need to fix it on the screen.

Game features:
• Bright pictures
• Attractive animated heroes
• Voiced by professional actors
• Funny verse and riddles

For children from 3 to 6 years.
Key words:
children, preschool, educational game, educational game for little kids, logic, attention, memory, folk traditions, household items, tea, refreshments, tea, merry, cheerful company.
For tablets with screens from 7" (Android 3.0 and above)

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