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5 precepts , buddhist life

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Everybody is suffering in the world and all wants to gain Happiness and Peace, but how?

Buddha, the greatest spiritual scientist in the world , found out in his own inner lab, the methods and techniques by which one can liberate themselves from suffering and gain happiness.

Buddha explained this theory in four noble truths and gave eight noble paths to be applied to end suffering. Right Action , Right Speech and Right Livelihood are the first 3 factors of 8 fold path

For a layman , like you and me who is very much part of the family , work etc, we can practice the first 3 factors mentioned above by implementing 5 precepts

"5 Precepts" app features include

- Buddha precepts Audio talk
- 5 precepts test to record one's daily Practice
- View Summary of your Practice in a artistic way!
- Store History of 5 precepts test reports
- Share your Reports
- Set/Reset Reminders to keep you Focused.
- Ability to add precepts practice tips
- list of 36 precepts quotes / Buddhism quotes

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