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Crown Chakra ,sahasrara chakra

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Do you think too much?
Do you find Life Meaningless?
Do you feel Disconnected from Life?

If answer isYES to most of the questions above, then all you have to do is "Tune Up" your Crown Chakra

This app has 360 degree holistic approach to activate and balance your Crown chakra.

Features Include

- Your Crown Chakra Test

- Crown Chakra Explained in detail

- Guided Crown Chakra Activation & Healing Meditation

- Analysis of Day-to-Day Crown Chakra activities & its Effect on you

- Crown Chakra affirmations and Tips to clear Crown Chakra blockage

- Reminders for Crown Chakra tuning

- Sharing with Facebook/Twitter/Email

- Export CSV (spreadsheet) dump of activities

- App How-To Guides

There are 7 chakras and Crown chakra is the seventh chakra from the bottom of the body. It is also called Sahasrar chakra or Voilet Chakra.

This app has Crown chakra healing affirmations to soothe your crown area.

I am a Reiki Master myself and this app is to help the chakra believers to keep their7th Chakra in a good condition and reap all its benefits.

You can keep in touch with me @

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