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Talk On Killing Fears - FREE

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There are only 2 Basic Emotions in Life (Love & Fear)

Love helps you to move forward and enjoy Life, whereas
Fear makes you stay where you are and makes you stressful and Poverty ridden.

This app has some Radical and Great Insights on understanding and overcoming
1) What is Fear ? ( 2:25 minutes )
2) Fear of Public Speaking ( 2:26 minutes )
3) Fear of Failure ( 3:04 minutes )
4) Fear of Risk Taking ( 06:05 minutes )
5) Fear of Rejection ( 03:01 minutes )

These Talks are Original , Belief Breaker and a Fear Killer and there is going to be only Courage and Success for you in life, going forward.

There is a feature to set reminders of hourly/daily/weekly , so that you can focused listen and be motivated

This app has fear of failures hypnosis and fear of rejection hypnosis to make sure your weirdest phobias are taken care and will ensure that you will risk & grow rich because the talks will serve as risk angel and also help in overcoming fear of rejection in relationships and many other common fears.

I plan to use the money that comes with this app for creating positive shift in the world

Please be in touch with me @

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