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In any Family , WIFE plays a very important role, but unfortunately due to the crisis with the HUSBAND, she is not getting the life she deserves. This app is a dedication for the Wifes and to help them better their relationship with their Husband and hence bring peace and prosperity in Home.

This app is for all the lovely Wives to catch their Hubbies doing Good or Bad to them and be in good control of them

Most of the fights between Wife and Husband is because of lack of facts and total misunderstanding. This app helps you to reduce this issue since it helps in recording all facts so that you both can discuss it objectively or take a mutual friends help.

App Features include
- Across 8 different aspects of Life, You as a Wife can record actions of your Husband
- Share the action details to Your Hubby or a Mutual Friend to seek help or share Good things
- Wonderful Video Talk on "How to Solve Relationship Problems"
- Wonderful Audio Talk on "Tips for Wives to Improve their relationship with their Hubbies"
- Ability to set Reminders to Keep recording the details.

The 8 aspects covered are :- kids, work , food , in-laws , finance , parents, friends and general

"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" is a true statement and is causing a lot of problems. If all you do is express your appreciation for the good actions of your loving husband and discuss the problems your monstrous husbands are creating, then all will be well and this app helps you.

This husband habits tracker will solve few questions like why my husband is cheating on me and why my husband lies , since it brings up all the facts

Hope This app helps all Wives to better Manager their Husband and hence lead a Great Married Life , instead of Divorces.

You can keep in touch and know more about me @

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