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body ph meter

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If there is one parameter in the whole world which we have to master , that will be pH , but this is the only thing which is mostly ignored by all of us.

pH is a parameter which indicates your Acidity or Alkalinity Levels. Acidic is prone to Diseases and Alkaline for Well Being and Health.

pH can be measured from 1 to 14 scale. 7 and above is Alkaline and below is Acidic.

myPH app helps you to track and maintain your pH in a very simple way.

myPH app features include.
1) Record Food consumption. You will be provided a default list of 230+ food items from which you can search. You can also add your own if any food is not found in the list.
2) See You Body PH and the state of your Stomach at any point of time based on your Food Consumptions.
3) Share Your Body PH via Email for your know and close friends.
4) Setup Reminders of hourly/daily/weekly frequencies for Inspecting Your Body PH regularly.

Acidic environment is the breeding ground for all Diseases like Obesity, Bone Pains, Ulcers, Cancers,Depression, Unhappiness etc. , so it is in our best interest to maintain alkalinity.

Higher Alkalinity provides a fresh glow to skin , lose of weight and many more healthy benefits.

Keep your body ph balance using alkaline diet and reduce acidity and acid burn

so, go Alkaline using myPH app!

This food ph meter helps you detect body ph imbalance and reminds you take corrective actions. So, don't miss it.

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