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21 Pathetic Habits of Losers

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A study of Losers have shown that they have 21 habits or attitudes which make them fail in whatever they do in Life. It may be a personal thing or in relationships or in business.

Everybody knows the reasons for success, but this book will tell you the reasons for failure and If you can avoid these habits, then you will be automatically successful. Its like, if you remove a stone blocking the stream of flow, the stream of water just starts coming up. same way, if we stop the bad habits, success just starts coming up

The app has reminders to help you focused on reading this book. Also, provides Zoom feature to adjust to your screen sizes.

The chapters in this book are
1) Lack of Purpose or Vision or Goal
2) Dangers of Overeating (Overeaters and overcoming overeating)
3) Pleasing Others (approval seeking attitude)
4) Television addiction mental health effects (why is tv a bad influence)
5) Egocentric or Egoist or Inflated Ego which causes Ego Conflict
6) Internet Addiction
7) Worrying
8) Lack of Sleep (Insomnia)
9) Anxiety thoughts
10) Lack of Exercise (Couch Potatoes)
11) Inconsistency in Actions
12) Conquering the Fear of Rejection anxiety (Fear of Rejection Phobia)
13) Jack of All , Master of None
14) Contradictory thoughts
15) Procrastination
16) Wrong Speech (right speech wrong convention included)
17) Overanalysis (analysis-paralysis)
18) Repeating Mistakes in business and life
19) Comparing with Others (distractible)
20) Low Expectations effect (very low self esteem)
21) Indifference to Success or Failure (indifferent attitude)

From a business angle, this book gives
- Root Causes of small business failure and even big business and how to turn around a struggling business

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