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21 Life Changing Questions

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***** This FREE and easy to read book can change your Life like never Before. You can finish it in less than 30 minutes and can impact your next 30 years in a very positive direction*****

Wright brothers asked a question “Why can’t Human Fly ?” and the answer is we have “Luxury Flights”

Edition asked a question “Can't we see in the Dark ?” and the answer is we have “Cool Tube Lights and Bulbs”

Steve Jobs asked a question “Can i make Life Beautiful ?” and the answer is we have “Mac, iPods and iPads”

Mahatma Gandhi asked a question “Why can’t India be Free ?” and the answer is we have a “Free and Vibrant India”

So, no one can ignore the Power of Questions!

If we ask Right Questions, we get Right Answers!

There is a old saying “when the student is ready , teacher is also ready”

Same way, when correct question comes up, correct answer also comes up!

This is a collection of 21 important questions you can ask in Life which will make you think and re-look at your life in a totally new way and make you succeed like never

It is a cards based mini- book, but very though prov-acting

There is no silly question , weird question , dumb question , bad question or useless question.!
But, Just be honest for the answers!

This beautiful book covers questions about various areas of life like
- power of vision in life or power of goals in life
- power of feeling good in the present moment
- loving ones work
- respect for parents and taking care of parents
- importance of daily exercises for health
- good sleeping benefits
- health benefits of drinking water
- power of positive circle and being with right people
- Fears in Life and how to facing fears
- Importance of chewing your food
- Power of Praying to God
- Powerful Stars gazing meditation
- Looking at the eyes of your beloved
- Smelling the Food
- Importance of Breaks and Vacations
- Being in touch with mother earth
- Power of Gratitude and Positive thinking
- Being in the right place , right people and right jobs
- What makes you happy
- Keeping home clean and tidy
- Living every day as if its last day of the earth

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