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iVocab , vocab expander

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Successful people influence others with WORDS, while Unsuccessful discourage others with WORDS.
Successful people know a lot of WORDS , while Unsuccessful people know very few WORDS.

Words have a lot of power!
For example:- The words PROBLEM and CHALLENGE both are trying to describe the same thing, but one is positive and empowering and the other is discouraging and negative.

This app will help you learn new words and also keep an eye on their power over your life!

App Features includes
- Listen to a very powerful talk on the Importance of Words in your Life
- Take a Vocabulary Test to keep checking your Memory
- Add a new word you learn with its meaning and how it makes you feel when you use it.
- Share the word with your Friends using Facebook/Email
- Quick search Words based on input text or by Alphabet
- View all your Words arranged by Alphabetical Order
- set/reset reminders to keep you focused

Do you have following thoughts/questions in the mind or heard this somewhere ?
-- How can I improve my verbal communication skills ?
-- Ideas To Practice for Effective Communication Skills !
-- How to Master English language and communication skills ?
-- Are there any written or verbal communication exercises ?
-- Activities to develop your english communication skills !
-- how to enhance communication skill in english ?
-- importance of verbal communication skills

All , these questions will boil down to one thing which is - (learn more Powerful Words and stop using Wrong Words) and This app will help you do that in a beautiful way!

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