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WHO AM I,Essence of Upanishads

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Do You Really Know Who You Are?

Most People answer this question by saying something like "I am Doctor" , "I am Retired" , "I am Student" , "I am Politician" , I am Poor" , "I am Emotional", "I am a Great Thinker" ,"I am a Philosopher" , "I am a Bad Person" etc

All these are Tags given by the Society and Somebody else and doesn't really represent your real Self.

All Major Religions say that "You are Soul" which means You are not whatever you generally think of to be!

The Great India Scripture called Upanishads have clearly explained "WHO AM I" question very well.
It says "NETI NETI", meaning "NOT THIS, NOT THIS" (upanishads summary). Basically, they go on negating whatever you are not , because your Real self cannot be explained in Words.

The "WHO AM I" question is important because it can help you for below situations
- make you objective and handle anger better
- make you stress free in work since you get detached
- improve the quality of your relationships since you develop true compassion
- take care of your body very well since you realize that your soul rests in this body
- become successful , but with detachment to success and failure
- eliminates selfish behavior since you realize that everybody is a soul

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If you have been haunted by questions like what is soul, how to get enlightened, then you may get some real pointer

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