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Judgment News of Japan

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This application help you to receive judgments information of Japan quickly and simply. Moreover, you can save each judgment to your device, and view them at any time, any palace you like.


1, This application can receive the following judgments information released by Courts of Japan everyday.

a) Judgments in the latest 3 months from the Supreme Court and other lower courts.

b) Judgments in the latest 1 months from Intellectual Property High Court.

2, You can save each judgment on your device.

3, The detail of each judgment can be opened in Google Document, and downloaded into SD card.

4, Languages(UI): Japanese, English(only parts), Chinese(only parts)


1, The output of this application is ONLY in JAPANESE.

2, The developer of this application DOES NOT take any responsibility for the disadvantage or problem that occurred in using data provided by this application.

3, It is necessary to access internet environment when receive the judgments information.

4, The data displayed in this application are influenced by the system of Supreme Court of Japan. if system of the latter is out of service, this application will not receive any information.

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