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my Qasidah

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myQasidah is an Islamic several Android Apps that contain a qasida - qasida that usually read by Malay People especially my Country , Indonesia .

we hope , this application help us to know the true types of the original text . Because if we was wrong in pronunciation , we get some mistake in translation . this application is being developed by Team Daarul Hijrah . and suggest your support is important to improve app quality .

If u have a qasida text , please send us in our emails .


Thanks To The Pilgrims and the Tribe Muslimini sorry I did not mention his name one by one to the support in the form of criticism , suggestions , and donations in developing this apliaksi , may Allah multiply and replace rizqi who have donated , jazaakumullah khairan katsiran , jazaakumullah ahsanal jazaa

For donation , brother can transfer to my Account Number below :
BRI : 0382-01-010587-50-7
BSM : 7000466241
BCA : 1280103353
a.n Muslim Ichwanul
or PayPal in ichwanul.007 @
================================================== ==

myQasidah qasida contains a collection of assorted birthday we collect history in an android application . This application consists of more than 100 kinds of qasida . and to complete the application in android narrator reading attend the birthday of Prophet Muhammad PBUH .

purpose of making this software is to straighten out the mistake readings that may be fatal in meaning . if there are errors in the writing of the text and meaning , or akhi ​​want to contribute text or meaning please email us .

final word , hopefully this application .


Muslim Ichwanul

القصائد , القصيدة , محمد صلي الله عليه وسلم , بيت القرآن دار الهجرة

1.0 : Initial Release , Qasidah > 50
1.1 : add a audio sample in 123.Sanakhudhu , Qasidah > 100
1.2 : add -in audio fix more compatible with android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean . and some phones such as the Galaxy Y
1.3 : - add more Qasidah ( see the screenshot ) , Audio , and little Translation, - fix rotation for ICS & JB Device , Nice to Update . ( to Celebrate Isra Mi ` raj and Arrival of Haafiz ibn Habib Umar , on 5 June . in Monas )

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