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Qibla Compass + photos + wiki

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Alquibla - Compass to Mecca is a free app that indicates the direction that should be directed worshipers to pray toward Mecca ( ​​Kaaba ) . Alquibla , also called Quibla , Qibla , Qiblah , Qibleh , Kiblah , Kıble or Kibla , l is free app that all practitioners of Islam must have to be always ready for prayer.
Why Alquibla - Compass to Mecca is the best free app for those wishing to pray toward Mecca ?

1 - Alquibla is respect for religion
Alquibla - Compass to Mecca is an app made ​​from respect . A free app designed to meet the needs of those who want to pray Islamist security room looking towards Mecca.

2 - Alquibla is history and tradition
For those who want to know the origin of the word Alquibla , known as Qibla , Qibla , Qiblah , Qibleh , Kiblah , Kıble or Kibla , this application brings the history , information on the calculation of the Qibla in Islam and accurate determination.

3 - Includes information on Mecca
Mecca (Arabic: al- Makkah مكة المكرمة Mukarrama or simply Makkah ) is the main city in the Hejaz region , in present-day Saudi Arabia, and one of the most important of the Arabian Peninsula . It is the birthplace of Muhammad, a holy city with many of the most important religious sites in the world, as it is certainly the Kaaba. In the app you will find these Alquibla more extended information .

4 - Includes photos of Mecca and speakers
The best and most spectacular photos of Mecca, prayer and speakers are in the app Alquibla . Because this application is much more than a compass to Mecca. Totally Free !

5 - Share app for free and many more
Want to share with family and friends about this great app to pray to Mecca ? No problem: Alquibla - Compass to Mecca has a share button parea one click with your contacts. Also, you can download more apps for free.

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