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Train your Memory with Totopo

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Train your memory with new version Totopo Mole Totopo . In this game for kids and not so young , you should keep in your mind different images to uncover boxes according to the instructions of each game .

In the early levels just need to memorize the images of 4 squares , as the game develops need to memorize up to 24 images. The games are : open squares in pairs of images and open boxes in ascending and descending numerical order .

To what level are you able to get ? Improve Your Memory With Totopo , develop your memory to have elephant memory , if you can beat all the levels , you will reach the highest level . Memory exercises, memory exercises , photographic memory and digital storage .

The first cry of your baby or for example the taste of butter cookies your grandmother , the smell of the sea breeze. They are memories that make up the experience in their lifetime - that will provide a sense of self. They are what make you feel comfortable with familiar people and surroundings , bind his past with his present, and provide a framework for the future. In a profound way , it is our collective set of memories - our " memory " as a whole - that makes us who we are.

1. Pay attention . If you do not make an effort to consciously tune and focus on what you or someone that shopping list in front of you is saying , no strategy will work . Period .

Two . Turn it into images. It's easier for the brain to access a mental picture. So let's say you have to pick up milk , chicken, apples, eggs, cereal and orange juice - you want to put them in pairs and form a vivid , crazy, memorable visual for everyone. ( For example , milk and chicken might be better remembered if you represent a giant, cartoon-like chicken running high consumption of a carton of skim milk. )

Three . Place the photos in a way. " When we remember something, we often do not keep somewhere we can recover ," said Dellis . The solution? Create that place. Choose a place you know well , such as your home, choose a familiar path through it . Then , place your series of photographs along the path , interaction with specific markers of a closet, a couch, a door . The idea is that once you have placed all the items to be stored , all you have to do is walk back through that same path to "see" them .

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