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Plas - Whip Big Bang Theory and other sounds is a fun free application with whip sounds , laser sword , sword , hammer and hand Granada . Have fun with your friends and friends using the sounds that will make you laugh non-stop . The free app is very easy to use: just select the sound and shake the phone. The laughs are guaranteed.
Why Plas - Whip Big Bang Theory and other sounds is the most fun app free of gender ?

1 - Sound of Whip
Are you a fan of the Big Bang Theory ? If you follow the adventures of Sheldon and company know that in the series use a whip sound app . Well, now you too can have it in your hand. The virtual whip Big Bang Theory, now available on your Android and totally free.

2 - Lightsaber Sound
If you like Star Wars , you can not miss a lightsaber on your mobile . For the force be with you wherever you go and, incidentally , throw a few laughs with friends or , why not, a fight lightsaber sounds for Android. Agitad your mobile !

Sound 3 - Swords
Perhaps you are more classic and yours are the swords of a lifetime , such as swords from Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean . If so, with Plas will find the sound of a normal, classic sword . From now on, this app is your treasure, with permission of Jack Sparrow , of course.

4 - Sound of hammer
Your neighbor will wake up Sunday mornings with his hammer ? Get even with the sound of hammer this app . Or, if you prefer, use the sound as a joke that friend of yours that is heavier than a hammer hitting your head.

5 - Granada Sound Bag
Make Colonel Truman is satisfied with your deeds in the battlefield . The will be proud even if you do not feel your legs, thanks to the actual sound of hand grenades. A sound so successful that even Rambo will lie down if you hear it explode near him.

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