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Triangle Solver

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Resolve all the triangles with this universal triangle solver!

Triangle solver is a new app that allows you to resolve triangles starting from three values…..
The functions of this app are many:
- Resolve triangles starting from three values
- Calculate area and perimeter
- Calculate heights
- Fast reset for every input tab
- Give you double results when these exists
- Input the angles in three different units (deg, rad, grad)
- Built-in converter of angles, range and volume
- Built-in formulas to solve the triangles, starting from every combination of sides and corners
- Built-in calculator of sin, asin, cos, acos, tan, atan, atan_2
- Very intuitive design of the app
- Partial translation in corean
- Cartesian to polar coordinates calculator
- Notes function
- Experimental share function
- Save function

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