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Today, we are a force unmatched by anyone
in the world, seasoned by over 16 years of continuous combat
operations. We are the leaders in Global Vigilance, Global
Reach, Global Power, and most importantly, highly skilled and
motivated Airmen.
Our Airmen are the most important piece to execute our Air,
Space, and Cyberspace power and the key to the success of the
Total Force. From the front lines of the Global War on Terror to
Homeland Defense and humanitarian missions, our Total Force
accomplish amazing tasks everyday amidst the stressful situa-
tions in which they are deployed—everyday, everywhere.
This handbook highlights the tools and capabilities that empow-
er our Airmen, both on the ground and in the air to be success-
ful in their warfighting endeavors and the defense of the nation.
The systems and equipment highlighted in the following pages
showcase the technological lengths to which we will go to ensure
that we will now and in the future continue to be the world’s
most capable Air Force as we fly and fight in Air, Space, and
This handbook is a tool just like the equipment listed within its
pages. Use it as the resource for which it was intended and to-
gether we will continue to focus on winning the Global War on
Terror and ensuring the safety and security of our great nation
and its citizens.
The Official U.S.A.F. Handbook 326 pages
When you purchase this handbook you also will get the pdf sent
to your e-mail.
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