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Myanmar Alpha Drag

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MyanmarAlphaDrag is very easy to use & optimized for both Phones and Tablets.(ref: 1st & 2nd screen shoot from tablets & 3rd screen shoot from Phone)

MyanmarAlphaDrag app can help to learn our own language for our children staying or living away from our mother country.

MyanmarAlphaDrag has cute graphic images, good sound & enjoyable multiple choices.

MyanmarAlphaDrag will develop your kid concentration for Myanmar Alphabet.

MyanmarAlphaDrag will help your kid with the recognition shape of the Myanmar alphabet.

MyanmarAlphaDrag is specifically designed as an educational tool for preschool ages kids to learn Myanmar Alphabets.

MyanmarAlphaDrag user interface is simple & clear images for kids.

MyanmarAlphaDrag have MyanmarAlphabets with pronunciation and cute symbol , lovely poem & graphics.

MyanmarAlphaDrag app will keep your kids entertained, educated and quiet at home, in a car, in a restaurant, on a plane or everywhere.

"MyanmarAlphaDrag" aims learning myanmar alphabet for your preschool ages Kids.

Do not miss out a chance for your Kid to start studying myanmar Alphabets with MyanmarAlphaDrag on Android.

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