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GForce Deer Call Generator

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*A Portion Of All Proceeds Is Donated To The Shriners Hospital For Children. Thank You!*

The "Call Of The Wild" on your phone! The nation's most popular big game has recently been discovered to be quite a vocal animal. Snorts, grunts, and bleats make up the majority of the deer's communication. Making the correct call at the right time is key to luring in wild deer. The rhythm, inflections, and tones must be accurate. The GForce Deer Call Generator reproduces nine of the most common vocalizations deer use to communicate.

All sounds have been optimized for maximum volume and sound quality without distortion to provide an optimum deer hunting experience. To increase the range beyond your android device's capabilities, use an external amplified speaker (use carefully, since calling too loud can be interpreted by deer as yelling!)

Master the sounds as you practice your manual deer call, fine tune your deer calling by mimicking the electronic deer call in the field, or use the deer call recordings to lure deer in close (check state game laws for legal use). This app is a deer hunter's "must have" and adds a practical tool to the deer hunter's calling system.

An on-screen quick reference guide is provided below each deer call with quick, easy to read instructions for each call's optimum frequency and time of use during pre-rut, rut, and post rut. Novice or expert, the GForce Deer Call Generator lets you make the right call at the right time, every time.

Nine must-have calls in a single app:

1. Buck Grunt
2. Buck Bawl
3. Doe Contact Call
4. Doe Grunt
5. Doe Bleat
6. Doe Estrus Bleat
7. Doe Breeding Bellow
8. Fawn Bleat
9. Fawn Distress

Helps both the novice and seasoned hunter call in game. When it's time to call, scroll to the sound you want and push the corresponding button. Easy one-hand operation keeps movement to an absolute minimum. Great for downwind calling or when trying to precisely position a buck for a perfect shot. All the advantages an electronic deer call can offer are yours with the GForce Deer Call Generator.

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