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Gajendra Moksham - Bhagavatam

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What is Gajendra Moksham:

Gajendra Moksham is one of the most famous exploits of Vishnu in Srimad Bhagavatam. A recitation of this episode early in the morning has great immortal powers like the recitation of the sacred hymn Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. There is no disaster from which, the mighty and the compassionate Lord would not protect the devotees, that with faith and devotion remember His feet as their refuge.

Benefits of reciting Gajendra Moksham everyday:

Lord Vishnu Assers in Verse 8.4.25 of Srimad Bhagavatam Puran:

"My dear devotee, unto those who rise from bed at the end of night and offer Me the prayers offered by you, I give an eternal residence in the spiritual world at the end of their lives."

It is also said that if one recites the Gajendra Prayer, one achieves liberation and freedom from frightening dreams!

The Story of Gajendra:

Gajendra was the King of elephants. One hot day, he proceeded to the lake with his family to cool off in its fresh waters. But from within the lake a crocodile appeared who attacked him and would not let go of him. When the family and relatives saw ‘death’ coming close to Gajendra, and everyone realised that everything was lost, they left Gajendra alone.

The symbolism so far:
Man is Gajendra. The world is the lake where he plays the game of life with family and others. The crocodile is ‘Death and Difficulties’ which attack man.

The Lesson:
Neither family nor friend can liberate one from the clutch of death.

God answers your prayers. It is said that ‘Nirbal key bal Ram’. Which means that Shri Hari is the Strength of the Weak!

A lot of us make preparations for a journey from which one is meant to return; yet we make none for death! Most of us cry out to God when caught in hopeless situation. And that is what Gajendra did!

Why did this Lord's past time happen?

Gajendra, in his previous life was a great devotee called King Indradyumna. One day, Agastya, a great sage came to visit the king. Indradyumna did not receive the Sage with the respect that the latter expected. The enraged Agastya cursed the king to become an elephant in his next birth, as he sat heavy on his seat and did not rise to greet him.

The crocodile in its last life was a king called HuHu in the Gandharva planet. Once while enjoying himself in the waters, he pulled the leg of a sage. The enraged sage cursed the king to become a crocodile in his next life. The repentant HuHu asked for pardon. The Sage proclaimed that though he could not retrieve the curse, the crocodile would be liberated from the cycle of birth and death when Gajendra would be saved by the Lord God Himself.

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