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Narsimha Stotram by Prahlad

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This is a rare hymn on Lord Vishnu (Lord Narsimha) by Prahlada in Vishnu Purana, Book I, Chapter 19, when his father Hiranyakashipu asked his deputies to throw Prahlada deep in the ocean and hurl rocks on the ocean in order to submerge and kill him after all his previous attempts to do so failed.

At this point, the great devotee Prahlada, lying at the bottom of the sea and under the mountain heap of rocks, meditated on Lord Vishnu using the following prayer. At the end of the prayer, he observes himself as non-dual to Lord Vishnu, the Paramatma. Lord Vishnu appeared before him and asked him to seek boons. Prahlada asked for Lord’s forgiveness for his father and finally bestowed freedom from existence (Moksha).

This prayer can be used by one and all to ward off all evils and get relief from trials and tribulations of human life. This app has audio and sanskrit text, which can be used to learn the great prayer and deliver oneself from the fourfold miseries (birth, disease, old age, and death) of material existence.

Credits:, sung by Sundar Kidambi

Keywords: Narsimha, Vishnu, Krishna, Narayana, Prahalad, Devotion, Puran, Hindu, Vedic.

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