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Shri Brahma Samhita PRO

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Sing Along Brahma Samhita is an easy to use application that helps devotees learn chanting of Shri Brahma Samhita shloks perfectly. Even if we have the scriptural text, it becomes easier for us to chant prayers if we first hear it from a bona fide acharya.

For every set of verses in the screen, you have the option of pausing, restarting or resuming the audio. You can toggle between sanskrit and english transliteration for the verses. To start from beginning, The "First Shlok" button takes you to the beginning. This way, you can go at your own pace and learn to chant Shri Brahma Samhita easily.

It is advisable to chant this on every Ekadashi fasting day to please Lord Krishna or Shri Narayana or Shri Vishnu.

About Brahma Samhita:

According to Vedic tradition, these “Hymns of Brahma” were recited or sung countless millennia ago by the first created being in the universe, just prior to the act of creation. What we now have as Brahma-samhita is, according to tradition, only one of a hundred chapters composing an epic work lost to humanity. The text here surfaced and entered calculable history early in the sixteenth century when it was discovered by a pilgrim exploring the manuscript library of an ancient temple in what is now Kerala state in South India.

The pilgrim who rescued Brahma-samhita from obscurity was Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu—saint, mystic, religious reformer, and full incarnation of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krsna, descending into the present epoch for the salvation of all souls. After a southward journey from Puri (in Orissa State) that carried Him to holy places such as Sri Ranga-ksetra, Setubandha Ramesvara, and finally Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin), he turned northward and, traveling along the bank of the Payasvini River in Travancore state, reaches the temple of Adi-kesava, in Trivandrum district.

Upon beholding the holy image of Adi-kesava (Krsna) in the temple, Caitanya was overwhelmed with spiritual ecstasy, offered fervent prayers, and chanted and danced in rapture, a wondrous sight that was received with astonished appreciation by the devotees there. After discussing esoteric spiritual matters among some highly advanced devotees present, Sri Caitanya found “one chapter of the Brahma-samhita”.

Upon discovering the manuscript, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu felt great ecstasy and fell into an intense mystic rapture that overflowed onto the physical realm, producing a profusion of tears, trembling and perspiration. (We would search the literature of the world in vain to find a case in which the discovery of a lost book inspired such unearthly exhilaration!) Intuiting the Brahma-samhita to be a “most valuable jewel,” He employed a scribe in hand-copying the manuscript and departed with the copy for His return journey to the north.

“There is no scripture equal to the Brahma-samhita as far as the final spiritual conclusion is concerned,” exults Krsnadasa Kaviraja. “Indeed, that scripture is the supreme revelation of the glories of Lord Govinda, for it reveals the topmost knowledge about Him. Since all conclusions are briefly presented in Brahma-samhita, it is essential among all the Vaisnava literatures.”

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