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Medical Doctor: Reference Tool

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Medical Doctor: Medical Reference Tool replaces your medical reference pocket guide and provides much more: it includes heart and lung sounds, lab value descriptions, an OB wheel, note templates, history and physical guide, pediatric information, and much more.

Medical Doctor is a perfect medical reference application for physicians, medical students, nurses, physician assistants, and anyone else in the medical field.

This app contains all of our other apps ("Heart Sounds", "Lab Values", "Obstetrics", and "Notes and Orders,"), as well as history & physical guide and pediatric information. It has the latest up-to-date medical information in an easy-to-use application and offers many features that are useful in the hospital, clinic, nursing home, medical school, nursing school, etc.

When you buy this app, you are guaranteed future updates containing more applications/components!

Features include:
- More than 20 playable heart and lung sounds with information on murmurs, rubs, gallops, wheezing, rales, etc.
- Cardiac and pulmonary auscultation diagrams
- Heart and Lung sounds quiz!
- More than 100 searchable Lab Values with descriptions of each
- Labs include: hematology, chemistries, urine, CSF, synovial fluid, pleural fluid, endocrine, body fluids, toxicology, and therapeutic/toxic drug values.
- Fishbone diagrams
- History & physical exam information featuring ROS, CAGE, and SIGECAPS
- Glasgow Coma score and Neurological Exam information
- Five dermatome maps
- Notes & Orders including Admit/Transfer orders, On Service notes, SOAP notes, Discharge notes, Pre-Operative notes, Operative notes, Post-Operative notes, and Procedure notes
- OB Wheel with personalized screening. Enter your LMP, due date, or ultrasound information, and calculate important pregnancy information, including recommended screening tests for that gestational age.
- Initial prenatal visit recommendations
- Routine prenatal visit recommendations
- Common triage work-ups (including labor check, preterm labor, hypertension, decreased fetal movement, vaginal bleeding, spontaneous rupture of membranes, and nausea and vomiting)
- Step-by-step guide for fetal heart rate interpretation with strips
- Pediatrics information including developmental milestones, APGAR scoring, immunization schedules, and delivery date estimation
- Fishbone Widget
- And much more...

If you would like to see more features added, please e-mail or call us. We will try to add your recommendations to our next release!

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