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Vibration Clock Free

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You always wanted to know the time without looking at your phone?
Thanks to Vibration Clock you can do this now! Just double click your on/off switch and the time will be signalled by a vibration pattern. So you don't have to look at your phone if you are eg. attending an important business meeting.

If your screen is off just press the on/off switch fast for two times.
Current hours, minutes and fraction of minutes will be signalled seperated by pauses. A number of 0 will be signalled by a very short vibration.

at 8:23 vibrate 8 times, pause, vibrate 2 times, pause, vibrate 3 times
at 15:48 vibrate 3 times, pause, vibrate 4 times, pause, vibrate 8 times

If you want to configure the vibration patterns please buy Vibration Clock (Full Version)
Vibration Clock Morse is an amateur radio morse vibration clock and can be used to more time.

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