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How much
... will affect you if your loan interest rate go up or down (stress test)?
... can I afford to borrow?
... would my loan repayments be?
... can I save?
This application will help you answer all these questions and even some more.

Available tools
- Borrowing Power. As easy as entering your monthly income and expenses, then loan details such as interest rate and period. You will get your borrowing power as result.

- Interest Rate Change Analyzer (Stress test). Allows you to analyze how interest rate changes in will impact your budget. In technical terms this analysis is called interest rate sensitivity analysis.

- Loan Calculator. Allows you to find out:
* How much can I borrow?
* How long will it take me to pay a certain amount paying this much per month?
* What is the monthly repayment for a certain amount in this amount of years?
* How much interest and P+I will I end up paying for the whole loan?
* How are the repayments going to look like across the years?

- Savings Calculator. Allows you to calculate total interest accrued in a period of time based on different types of compounding frequencies.

- English
- Spanish

- Free tools: Borrowing Power, Savings Calculator and Loan Calculator
- Available through Google in-app purchases: Interest Rate Change Analyzer

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