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LogiClock - Metric Time

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LogiClock is a metric clock app designed to bring our current system of timekeeping into the 21st century.

Metric Clock Features:
✔ Alarm Clock - Replace your regular old alarm clock and wake up like it's the future!
✔ World Clock - Metric time on a global scale!
✔ Countdown Timer - Count down to an important event, metric-style!
✔ Stopwatch - Time marathons!
✔ Widget - Impress your friends without even leaving your homescreen.
✔ Several attractive designs - Metric time has never been so stylish. Original design is based on Switzerland's Zytglogge.
✔ No ads - LogiClock is 100% ad-free.

Q: What is LogiClock?
A: LogiClock is an app for the dreamers. Are you ready to move on to a time system that isn't outdated and boring? Try a metric clock.

Q: What is metric time?
A: The metric system reigns supreme when it comes to weight, distance, temperature and countless other measurements. Why should time miss out? Metric time (or decimal time) is an attempt at correcting that injustice.

Q: How does it work?
A: On a metric clock we have 10 hours in a day, 100 minutes in an hour and 100 seconds in a minute. Simple as that.

Tell me more!
Off the top of your head, how many minutes are there in a day? What about a week? There are good reasons the metric system has become standard and it doesn't make sense for us to overlook them when it comes to time. The French tried it 200 years ago when they gave us French Revolutionary Time, but change has never been one of society's strengths and the idea went nowhere. It's time we gave it another try.

The idea is easy enough. We take one revolution of the earth and call that one day, just like we do now. We split that into ten 'hours'. Hours divide further into 100 minutes, minutes into 100 seconds, seconds into 100 milliseconds and so on. Going back to the original question, that makes 10 * 100 = 1000 minutes in a day, and 1000 * 7 = 7000 minutes in a week. Ask any engineer, that's the sort of simplicity we can often only dream about.

Sounds good. What now?
Try the app. Next time you make 2-minute noodles, use 1.38 metric minutes. Instead of waking up at 6am, wake up at 2:50 with a metric clock. The app makes switching easy. Why not give it a go? Why not help to push the human race forward just that little bit?

Further info on metric time:
Further info on Zytglogge:

Version History
Initial Release: 8 Sep 2012
Current Release: 1 Oct 2012

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