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Aikido Techniques +

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Aikido Techniques +
(Please note that this is an updated version of Aikido Techniques that does not require a Flash player).
Aikido, the way of harmony, is a beautiful martial art to watch. When demonstrated by expert practitioners the movements are fluid, graceful and apparently effortless. The video clips presented here have been carefully created to demonstrate these characteristics for a number of commonly practised Aikido techniques. The techniques are demonstrated slowly and clearly, and the unique coloured pencil style of the clips adds an attractive dimension to them.

For each of the 20 techniques there are two video clips showing two different attacking directions and a description of the technique including key points. You can examine the techniques in detail by either flicking the screen to move a clip a few frames backwards or forwards, or you can drag the clip progress bar to manually control the playback, again either backwards or forwards.

There are two screen modes: the first shows the video clip and associated text or the contents list; the second shows an enlarged view of the clip. You can switch between the two instantly.

The Aikido techniques demonstrated are:

Ikkyo (Ai hanmi katate dori)
Nikyo (Gyaku hanmi kata dori)
Sankyo (Chudan tsuki)
Yonkyo (Morote dori)
Gokyo (Yokomen uchi)
Irimi nage (Shomen uchi)
Shiho nage (Yokomen uchi)
Kote gaeshi (Chudan tsuki)
Sumi otoshi (Shomen uchi)
Tenchi nage (Ryote dori)
Kaiten nage (Jodan tsuki)
Koshi nage (Ai hanmi katate dori)
Katagatame (Gyaku hanmi katate dori)
Juji nage (Morote dori)
Ude garami nage (Katate dori)
Kokyunage (5 examples from various attacks)

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