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Sound Mode Toggle Widget

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Sound Mode Toggle Widget is a home screen widget that changes ringer and notification settings. It allows you to switch between 4 sound modes (ringing with no vibration, ringing with vibration, silent mode and silent mode with vibration).

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HOW TO USE IT (as some users report that they can't find the installed app): Add it to your home screen from the widget drawer - it does not appear in the app drawer!

NOTICE: on some devices with Android Lollipop version 2.1.2 may not work, however, it is confirmed to work. Future update will solve that issue.

Best review of 2014 by J Oppliger using droid razr hd
"Outstanding. This is a great, 5 star app. 4 modes: silent, vibrate, ring and ring with vibrate. Out of all similar apps, this is by far the best. And no prying permissions. Thanks Dev."
Best review of 2013 by Arthur Pe using Galaxy S
"Very useful. Ringer without vibration is nice option. Thank you."

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