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Botaniculum is a compendium of wild and medicinal plants of Europe and similar moderate zones for Android smartphones and tablets. The most of these plants you will as well find in other moderate zones like in the US and the moderate areals of South America and the Himalaya.

Botaniculum is a perfect tool for plant identification, not only for botanists but for interested laymen as well.

The Botaniculum database knows about 7,000 plant names. It contains classification attributes and detailed information regarding major domestic and wild growing plants, as well as medicinal plants.

In addition, there are 2,500 large-format color photos and illustrations in brilliant HD quality.

The wealth of information in Botaniculum corresponds to a textbook of more than 1,000 pages, yet this data collection fits into any pocket.

Botaniculum is easy and intuitive to use. In seven steps or mostly less, even laymen will identify any native wild plant with the help of his or her smartphone (according to flower color, flower shape, inflorescence, leaf shape, leaf arrangement of leaves, leaf edge and specific shape). In addition, fruit type, fruit color, bloom time, collection time and many other properties can be specified.

Photos can be added to each plant - taken with the internal camera or added from existing photo collections.
Many search functions and a fast full-text search option make it possible to use Botaniculum as a comprehensive and convenient reference. With a few clicks, the plants are sorted according to their properties, which include medicinal plants, culinary herbs, their use in homeopathy, bloom time, collection time, species, habitat and many more - the search possibilities are almost endless.

Numerous synonyms in the database allow the user to quickly locate plants by their popular or botanical names.

Botaniculum contains information about the healing effects of the more than 400 medicinal plants. Their applications and contraindications are listed, as well as their possible homeopathic use and other interesting details.

The database contains information about poisonous plants as well: toxins, toxic effects and toxic parts of the plants are listed.

Edible plants are listed with detailed information about collecting time, preparation, taste and culinary use.
It is possible to add user-defined categories and comments to each plant.

All information is available “offline” at any time after installing the Botaniculum App on your Android device: after installation, an internet connection is not necessary, therefore no connection costs will be incurred and the program functions of Botaniculum work in remote places.

The Botaniculum image database requires 600 MB internal storage capacity.If you want to install the image database on an external sd-card, please contact

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