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Reality Quests

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Know more about the most interesting traditional Indian/Vedic knowledge, additionally make yourself happier using my simple tips for daily life!

This app, helps you know some hidden secrets about India and some extensive knowledge of Vedic wisdom that will bury you in amazement once you get to know!

Reality quests investigates Ancient Indian practices and proves how Hinduism is ALL about science. On this journey, you will discover how the modern-day Science has been exploited so efficiently, 5000 years before. You will realise how ancient Indians did not know relativity theory as quoted in formulae, nevertheless understood all of it. Surprised eh?

This is going to be the place, where eastern and western thoughts are bridged. Indeed, you will see how all the people in this world belong to just one big family, and how this cosmos is a thing of beauty! I’ll explain every bit of it, to ensure your understanding.

While that’s true, you will get to know if reviving all this back is important at all, because let’s all get it straight : We do not have all the time in the world, to know about past – when it does us no good. But what if knowing your roots is inevitable? And, what if these roots give rise to the biggest scientific tree of the future?
Not. Just. that.

Did you know, sometimes there are little things, things that are uncomplicated, that can remove stress away from your mind and replace it with happiness. And, no. Not always do you need prescribed tranquilisers.
Yes, not just about truthful history of India, but also, something for you.

Once (not too long ago) my dad and I shared an exchange of harsh words. It was rather unexpected. While he found it disrespectful, I found it hurting. It happens. It took me a while to find a way out of it and get my mind to peace. We sometimes have unintentional tiffs with our loved ones and it takes a while to reconcile. There are a few things that can keep you normal and peaceful despite all the struggles you’re going through. In today’s hectic lifestyle, stress is a factor that leaves none.

But, maybe you could be an exception? By reviving some of the simplest concepts which our seers told, you’d know your pathway to happiness and peace.This website will shed that light to happiness for you, keeping you at a safe place, far away from stress.

Trust me, my friend. I’ll do my best to get unbiased, truthful information for you, every week. You’re going to enjoy this journey, because : What you get here, is going to be something you have never seen online before. The best part? All the information (put into understandable articles/videos/podcasts after hours of research) is all for FREE!

This is for you to benefit! I want you readers to benefit from this. I want to let as many people as possible, to know these amazing things, so that we all can celebrate science, that can revolutionise our lives. That is indeed, the whole purpose behind this initiative. I’m sure you would join in & help me, wouldn’t you?
Hmm, but yes, could you do me a favour? I’d be pleased if you could take a minute to let me know what kind of expectations you have from this website or what you think of this idea. Whatever may be in your mind, you can share it with me. This is so that, I could cater to all your expectations, without leaving even an ounce of disappointment in you by doing my best.

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