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Shouty - Better than a Led

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Shouty is a different and fast way to communicate with people around you.

What can you do with Shouty?
- In a few seconds, type an idea, a word, a sentence and display it on the screen of your device.
- Share what was displayed on your screen directly on Twitter and Facebook.

Where to use Shouty?
- In riots to show a message to everyone around you.
- In bars, pubs and restaurants to call the waiter. Or simply make an order! ie. Chopp!
- Asking for silence in meetings, classrooms or events.
- To hit on! Uhmmm! ;*
- At an airport, to welcome those landing.
- During a fishing trip with friends.
- In the night club to invite your friend to the bathroom.
- During an exam. Oops! That´s bad! =P
- In a speech to warn that time is running out. 5min!
- And many other unthought uses! Creativity is the limit.

Had a cool idea to use the Shouty? Rate us and comment!

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