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positive affirmation

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Program the your subconscious mind with new positive beliefs.
Use your own pictures as an anchor.
Languages: German , English
The free version is fully functional with the 139 existing affirmations and images.

The following functions can be activated from within the app for € 2.99 :
- INTEGRATION OF PRIVATE PICS & replacing the images
- Add your own affirmations and Categories
- Modify or delete existing affirmations
- Specify a period of affirmations (for example, appears from 14/08/2013 for 21 days)

with the audio function (1,99 €) you can
- record all your affirmations
- let your affirmations "speak" during showing them (When you recorded it!)
- let you remind with a spoken affirmation
- together with the PRO- functions you can record your new affirmations

All " CHITAO " Apps guaranteed without banners and hidden data actions !
Affirmations are positive words or short texts to help you reprogram your subconscious mind and to transform the negative beliefs that we have accumulated in our previous life in positive beliefs .Thus, it is possible to convert us our entire lives into a positive , because what we believe about life, determines how we perceive life out there. Our subconscious picks up everything we hear, speak , read, and saves it . We act unconsciously in our lives according to this stored information.
Many scientific studies have shown that typically 21 days " programming time " are necessary to implement a new set of beliefs . That you have 21 days, an affirmation over and over again , as often as possible ( at least 5 times a day) repeat . Whether loud or quiet . It is the simple rule of thumb , the more frequent the affirmation is repeated , the more effective the reprogramming of faith set. With the app your smartphone reminds you by notification to your new beliefs . For each set of beliefs you can have your own picture as an "anchor " , it can also be your personal images that you have taken with the integrated camera .Unfortunately, with the large number of Android devices on the market i cannot guarantee, that this function works 100%. Try it, if the select your own image works, otherwise use the already installed images as an anchor for your affirmations. We wish you much success in the programming of your new life.
CHITAO Apps - alternative ways of healing and health care.
All our apps are ad-free and reliable.
Best regards from Andalusia 
Christiane & Dieter -

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