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Child Mode & Time Education

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Nester™ Child Mode & Time Education is an application that supports nesting activity for parents to build a nest (kids mode/child mode) on their smart devices.

With Nester™ you can regulate time and other apps that your child uses. Parent mode is setting mode for child mode. You can easily select apps among those in your device and set timer for your child to use. Once you set the time limit, your child cannot reset or turn off child mode until you put in a password that you have set beforehand.

Nester™ is not just a normal lock managing app, it considers every possible situation for your children.

Nester™ helps your child recognize how much time is being used and remained. Through Nester’s kid-friendly user interface in child mode such as day and night animation, character’s fatigue, and its status bar, 0-6 year-old children will get the idea of time consumption. In this way, frustration and rebellion from the inevitable shut-down can be reduced. After all the progress, just compliment your child to encourage him/her to change from inside.

Nester™ Child Mode & Time Education provides:
✓ Parental control over the device applications and functions
✓ Password for the Parent Mode
✓ Child Launcher (child lock/kids lock)
✓ Ads blocker
✓ Handpick apps function for Child Mode
✓ Timer, where parents can set the time limit
✓ Alarm that sets time for each child
✓ Recommended apps for your kid
✓ No-purchase function in the Child Mode
✓ Interactive character with exclusive items
✓ Ending games

The Ending Game is a powerful feature of Nester™. The Ending Games help to calm and ease children into the end of playtime. For children to nurture self-control, it is important to redirect their energy and turn their attention elsewhere. It is also important to let them know gradually that playtime session is ending.
The Ending Game has two functions:
1. To be a substitution to calm and soothe kids even when the application shuts off.
2. To notify when time is running out and conceptualize time and getting children accustomed to making and keeping appointments. The ending ceremony, putting a cute Nester bird to sleep, tells children that the time is over, and helps them accept it easily.

Parents are very happy with Nester!
• “Super! My kids get to put nester to bed. Now they know when their "two minutes" is up!” ㅡ Caren Adams
• “Awesome App!! Love the fact that I can hand pick the games that I want my kids to play on. Also the time limit.” ㅡ Karen Sarabia
• “I love it. It is easy to use and my kids love the ending games too!” ㅡ Rhonda Hawley
• “Great for parents of little ones. Keeps toddler from getting in other apps and settings!” ㅡ Terri Working

Nester child mode tips:
First, discuss time with your child
"Today, we do this for only 3 eggs (30 minutes)", "When the night comes and if the bird feels sleepy, let the bird go to bed."
Remind the kids while playing, children can check the remaining eggs (time) on the home screen when switching apps.
When the set time is ending, Nester is not finished immediately. When time is up, The bird makes a sleepy face and the ending game begins. This is the ideal time for parents to participate and explain the game. "This game happens once at the end of playing, because Nester needs to sleep."
Soon, your children will accept these games as a fun and engaging ending to their playtime.
Childhood is the most important time for the development of self-regulation, and exercises with Nester help make it simple.
Combined with parental participation, Nester™ provides simple, understandable education for kids at this critical stage.

→ LOLLIPOP (ANDROID 5.0) does not support the Enhanced Lock Function. Please check out android version of your phone!
→ If you want to have different seasonal backgrounds, choose the check box for AUTO-UPDATE. We update every season!

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