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Dealing With Difficult People

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Dealing with difficult people? All of us must have experienced it. With a variety of different versions and level. Difficult people we encounter in the family such as: couples evil mouth, chatty; brother who is only good if there wants, meddling in-laws too, etc. While outside the family there are stingy boss, who does not appreciate, coworkers are jealous, etc.

Are we able to escape from them? Of course nothing is impossible. But often we'll "meet" again by those who are "similar but different."

Like it or not, we are "stuck" with them again, could yearly, a dozen years even decades. Why can? Because this is such an exam, if we do not pass we have to re-class to be graduated. Similarly, if there is no change in ourselves, deal with difficult people continues.

Changes such as what should happen? The most important is the change of us. If we pikes should those people who change then be prepared to stay "stuck" in this issue.

Because we cannot make other people change? It took a long time to know the truth, that we can change is our own, with His help. There is a good guideline to be implemented in life. "It's not a matter of right or wrong, which is an important response."

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