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Karnataka Facts GK

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'Karnataka Facts GK' exposes you to the interesting facts about Karnataka and Kannada at your fingertips!
It helps to improve your general Knowledge about Karnataka, a state in India. Karnataka is one state with many worlds!
It is a fun cum educational app for both children and elders.
The facts can be used in quizzes and exams.

 An attractive, yet simple User Interface.
 Amazing facts.
 Light weight.
 There's so many interesting facts you'll want to save them to share with friends later. Just click on the star to add/remove favorites.
 Browse through favorites/All facts by tapping 'FAV/ALL' button.
 Do you have a fact to share? 'Submit' to us by tapping the button, we would review and add it.
 Found a fact interesting to friend? Share the fact over an email/sms by tapping the button.
 Share an app over an email with friends.
 Shuffle facts.
 Can switch screen orientation (Landscape, portrait) with current state saved.
 Compatible with wide range of Android devices.
 Application installation location-based on the device configuration settings.
 Good for both children and elders to improve GK, prepare for quiz etc..

Some of the facts are:
 Which is the only unit that is authorized to manufacture and supply the Flag of India.?
 Who was the first woman to lead an armed rebellion against British governance. ?
 Which is the highest point in Karnataka.?

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