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Tantric Sex Secrets: On Switch

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Are you curious about tantra? Is it true that you will be able to make love for hours and amplify the pleasure your partner feels? Would you like to know how to turn your partner’s body into one giant erogenous zone?

The Tantric Secrets – The On Switch app will show you how to do just that. Whether you are a couple who would like to add some extra excitement into their lovemaking or a person who would like to take special care in pleasing their partner, here are some of the things you will learn:

- Understand how Tantric sex works
- Tantric Sex as meditation
- How to stimulate all of the senses
- How to create the Tantric mood
- The Tantric Wave secret to pleasure
- The secret energy maps of the female body
- How to activate the on switch, anytime, anywhere
- How to keep your love life fresh and exciting

Imagine the power of turning your partner on so completely, that a mere brush against the pinky finger sends shivers across the body. And when you experience it for the first time, you will stop and remember the day you got this app.

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit words “tanoti” (to expand) and “trayati” (liberation). So tantra is a way to expand one’s consciousness or to liberate from the physical level of one’s being by using the five senses and going beyond their typical limits. Tantra teaches one to explore all aspects of one’s consciousness, especially using the amazing creative energy of sexual passion to elevate one into a higher consciousness.

Transcendence through sex requires great discipline. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that we know of, and tantra uses that energy to reach spiritual realms. Prolonged sexual union produces super-sensitivity to energies within and around the lovers. Tantra is sexuality with spiritual content…… sexual energy transferred is LOVE.

Work with the principles and techniques in Tantric Secrets - The On Switch app until they become your own. Get this app now before it’s gone. The Tantric Secrets – The On Switch app is a keeper. And having it in your mobile device means that you will always have it with you when you need it the most. You’ll be glad you did.

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