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Real UFO News

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Have you ever seen a real UFO? You will once you download this app, and gain access to pictures and videos of real ufos, everything that you need, all in one place. With the Real UFO News app, you will get the latest on ufo news, ufo sightings, ufo videos, and ufo pictures.

UFOs (or unidentified flying objects) or sasquatch is the name given to a hominid-type creature that many people believe lives in the forests of the Pacific Northwest area of North America. People usually describe bigfoot as large, hairy or furry, and bipedal like humans. While many people discount the existence of bigfoot, there are reports of sightings from around the world, folklore in many cultures about bigfoot, and a large amount of evidence that bigfoot actually exist.

The Real UFO News app will not only keep you up to date on ufo news, but also put you in touch with a lot of hard-core evidence and videos that prove that ufo are real.

In the Real UFO News app, you will get:
- the latest ufo new and ufo sightings
- real ufo videos and ufo video footage
- archeological evidence of UFOs and ET involvement with ancient cultures

Are you ready to be convinced?

The recent proliferation of smartphones and handy video recording technology, now allow people to quickly capture on video a ufo encounter or ufo activity when they witness it. In the past, with only word of mouth, the announcement “I saw a ufo!”, would often be met with skepticism. Now when we see ufos, we can just record it and upload it to YouTube or Facebook and let everyone judge for themselves.
And that’s just what people are doing. But the interesting thing is, video reports of ufos or ufo activity are now usually quickly verified by multiple sources all witnessing the same event.

Archeology has uncovered mountains of evidence that ufos have been interwoven and intimately involved throughout humanity’s history – cave art depicting humans interacting ufos, and aliens, UFOs, aliens with devices. A large body of ufo evidence that we have also comes from ufo crashes, that are often photographed before being cleaned up, carted off, and denied by local governments.

PLEASE NOTE: The content in the Real UFO News app is publicly available on YouTube. We have not created it or modified it in any way, nor have we uploaded any of these videos to YouTube. The value of this app is that it searches out, finds, and collects the information for you, providing you easy and convenient access all in one handy place, so that all you have to do is download and launch the app. The legwork is already done for you and delivered straight to your mobile device.

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