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American Accent Tips

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American Accent Tips to help you speak with confidence!

Do you wonder why people don't always understand you when you speak, even though you have spent years learning English? Do you feel shy or embarrassed when speaking in public because of your foreign accent?

'American Accent Tips' is the app for you!

Use this app to get quick tips, articles, videos, tutorials and useful learning resources that will get you started to speaking and pronouncing American English correctly.

In this app you will find:

* actionable American accent tips you can use right away
* video tutorials showing you how to pronounce vowel sounds
* quizzes to test your knowledge of the American accent
* articles explaining key concepts and why people may not understand your speech
* specially selected videos about American accent sounds, intonation and pronunciation
* links to American accent learning courses and books

Begin improving your American Accent and spoken English communication skills - Download this free app today!

PLEASE NOTE: Our App provides live content that is always up to date so an active internet connection is required for a smooth viewing experience. We will update American Accent Tips regularly, so please email us your feedback and feature requests directly - thanks!

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